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I tried a little experiment today. In the SEO Business, there's a big demand for article writing. Certainly, you can pay for articles and have somebody write them for you. That's great if you have the budget for it. If you're just starting out and you don't have the budget for someone to write decent articles for you may want to consider a voice to text option.

One of those options is native to the Apple computer platform. To find this voice to text application simply go to System preferences and in the fourth line from the top, you will find an icon that says dictation and speech.

There are two different ways that dictation and speech can function. One is online and the other is off-line. I prefer the off-line function myself. If you want to use the off-line function you will have to download it. It's pretty simple. Open up a text edit file and press the function key twice. It's the key in the bottom left of your keyboard that says FN. By pressing this you are telling the system that you want to engage the microphone and it will give you the option at this point to engage online or off-line.

It's pretty easy, Just follow the instructions to download the offline version. It's a fairly large file. It's about 1.2 GB. It will probably take about 10 minutes to download.

What I like about the Apple version of this system is that its recognition of syntax is slightly better than the other systems that I have used. For example, Google Docs has a fairly decent system, but I find it has problems with capitals at the beginning of sentences. It is necessary to do some after the fact editing as a result. I find this a bit tedious and time-consuming. I prefer when I'm done an article just simply cut-and-paste it or save it and not have to mess around with it too much. The whole point of voice to text is to avoid all of this.

One of the things about search engine optimization is that it requires us to do a lot of tasks that could otherwise be outsourced. But this initially comes down to budget. So like I said earlier if you have the budget and can have articles written for you, you're far better off in the long run. Initially, however, when you're strapped for cash it can be handy to have a tool such as voice to text to save time in article writing. My vote is for the voice to text system that is part of your Apple Computer if you happen to own an Apple computer.

Owning an SEO company can be a bit of a challenge if you don't find ways to cut corners on things that take a lot of time. The whole point of being involved in the computer Industry is that computers are able to the leverage time. Taking advantage of time leveraging tools is part of the learning process. Knowing what is available is part of that strategy.

In closing, I hope this article has been an enlightening in revealing a new tool to put in your arsenal.

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